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What can you do with a kinesiology degree?

Mason Morgan, ’22, shares how a kinesiology degree from Oregon State is worth it

Kinesiology alum Mason Morgan helps with proper squat form

By Hanna Knowles

Mason Morgan, ’22, grew up playing sports and has always loved being active, so he knew he wanted a future career in exercise. 

When searching for degrees in exercise and fitness he says, “I stumbled upon kinesiology and fell in love.” 

Mason’s experience with Oregon State’s bachelor’s in kinesiology program shaped him into the professional he is today.  

Here’s what Mason has to say about what you can do with a kinesiology degree:  

Tell us about your time in the kinesiology program.  

My time in the program was great! The classes were super interesting, my advisor was awesome and I learned something new every day. 

Two of my favorite kinesiology classes were KIN 324 Exercise Physiology and KIN 394 Resistance Training Program Design. 

Can you tell us about your internship experience?  

I did my internship with the Physical Activity Courses (PAC) and Faculty Staff Fitness (FSF) programs on campus and worked under two amazing instructors, Dee Gillen and Nikki Kurth.  

During my internship, I learned how to design and run various types of group fitness classes. 

I discovered and developed my own coaching style, learned how to lead more than 20 people at a time, and created and honed the skills I use every day.  

I believe the greatest value the internship gave me was confidence in myself to lead and coach.  

What are you doing with your kinesiology degree?  

I currently work at a few different fitness facilities in Corvallis, Oregon. I work at Timberhill Athletic Club as a personal trainer, G3 Sports and Fitness as a strength and conditioning coach, and Oregon State’s PAC and FSF programs as an instructor.  

After I completed my kinesiology internship with PAC/FSF, I was hired to lead my own classes. 

With my kinesiology degree and strength and conditioning certification, I use exercise science to find the best way to help people achieve their fitness goals — whether this means getting up and walking more or coming to the gym for resistance training. 

The best parts about my job are that I am active and able to help so many people. 

If you could deliver one message to current or future kinesiology students, what would you say? 

I would say to explore different areas of the field, and once you find your niche to run with it.  

Don’t be afraid to seek help in trying to achieve what you want. There are many people within the kinesiology program who want to see you succeed! 

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