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A soft place to land

Trailblazer left everything – to be part of something. OCHI director Allison Myers reflects on the center’s success, including a mental health initiative, a food security project, COVID-19 outreach and receiving OPHA’s emerging leader award.

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A healthier lifestyle for all

The outdoors is a multi-pronged form of medicine for mental and physical health, community building and conservation development. Unfortunately, not everyone can access it.

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OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences finalist for national community service award

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences is one of three finalists for the Harrison C. Spencer Award.

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Couches, toxins and development: How environmental health at home can affect children

Family researchers discuss how environmental health can affect a child’s development physically and emotionally.

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New OSU program improves rural outreach to promote mental health and well-being

The new Coast to Forest program aims to improve mental health and address substance use in rural communities by building on existing local partnerships.

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It takes a village

After an outbreak of COVID-19 in Lincoln County hit Latino communities especially hard, it brought awareness to their disproportionate access to health resources, information and other community services. OSU Extension faculty jumped in to help.