HDFS News Research

High To Moderate Levels Of Stress Lead To Higher Mortality Rate

This is the first study to show a direct link between stress trajectories and mortality in an aging population.


Engineering brings hope: early detection of dementia using wireless sensors

Miniature wireless device will be able to unobtrusively monitor human health with low cost, size, and battery dissipation.

Kinesiology Research

New research: More worry about health leads to inactivity

Mobility, which declines with aging, has been identified as one of the 10 hot topics in aging research, as walking difficulty reduces quality of life. Older adults who worry about their health engage in less physical activity, and those who participate in less activity are more likely to report having difficulty walking


Big hearts are stronger – volunteer your way to better health!

Have you been thinking lately about how you might contribute to your community? Sharon Johnson, associate professor and OSU Extension faculty member in Southern Oregon thinks we should.


Couple pledges gift to support healthy aging research

The Youdes pledged $1.4 million to OSU, creating an estate plan and a charitable remainder trust to benefit several areas of the university.