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Beyond the doom and gloom of the Baby Boom

HDFS Professor Karen Hooker shares three things to consider as you age, especially if you find yourself as a caregiver.

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Want a longer, healthier life? Resolve your arguments by day’s end, OSU study says

An Oregon State study found that when people feel they have resolved an argument, the emotional response associated with that disagreement is significantly reduced.

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How people cope with difficult life events fuels development of wisdom

“The adage used to be ‘with age comes wisdom,’ but that’s not really true,” says Carolyn, an expert on psychosocial factors that influence aging. “Generally, the people who had to work to sort things out after a difficult life event are the ones who arrived at new meaning.”


Aging men: More uplifts, fewer hassles until the age of 65-70

A new study of how men approach their golden years found that how happy individuals are remains relatively stable for some 80 percent of the population, but perceptions of unhappiness – or dealing with “hassles” – tends to get worse once you are about 65-70 years old.


Where there’s a need, there’s a class

She’s a gifted teacher, a community collaborator, an inspiration. She’s happiest juggling a variety of projects, grants, and classes. And she’s fiercely dedicated to helping people age independently. The beneficiaries of Sharon Johnson’s energy, creativity, and care are thousands of citizens in Southern Oregon.