HDFS Research

From Pendleton to Petersen chair: Suzanne Segerstrom returns to Oregon to co-direct OSU’s Center for Healthy Aging Research

An inside look at Suzanne’s journey and research at the intersection of psychology and aging

Alumni Features Nutrition

Nutrition and health sciences program helps alum get into medical school

Trent Henderson, ’22, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health sciences this spring and started medical school at Des Moines University in Iowa this fall.


Aging men: More uplifts, fewer hassles until the age of 65-70

A new study of how men approach their golden years found that how happy individuals are remains relatively stable for some 80 percent of the population, but perceptions of unhappiness – or dealing with “hassles” – tends to get worse once you are about 65-70 years old.


Be a volunteer in OSU’s Center for Healthy Aging Research

Research volunteers participate through on-line and mailed surveys, interviews, focus groups, and a variety of activities in their homes, the community and on campus at Oregon State University.