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Ph.D. student in human development and family sciences works to improve students’ mental health 

Meet Dean’s Health Hero Slade Thackeray

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How HDFS PhD program helps student promote resilience among underserved communities

Alexis Merculief chose Oregon State’s HDFS PhD program for its supportive environment and focus on how context shapes children’s development

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Youth with autism see sharp decline in physical activity between ages 9-13, OSU study finds

To best help kids with autism maintain healthy rates of physical activity, interventions should be targeted during the ages of 9 to 13, when kids show the biggest drop in active time.

HDFS News Research

When it comes to positive youth development, it is possible to care too much

New research indicates there may be a point where youth can “care too much.”


Our home for research on children and families

It’s been a busy five years at the Hallie Ford Center. This hub of research activity increasingly is a gathering place for faculty, staff and students to connect, learn and discover. And it’s just getting started.

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Parenting classes benefit all, especially lower-income families

All parents – high income, low income, mandated, not mandated – can benefit from evidence-based parenting education.