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CPHHS occupational health and safety expert publishes business sustainability research

Occupational health and safety expert Anthony Veltri published new research in the Journal of Cleaner Production.

Anthony Veltri looking over papers with male and female students

By Kathryn Stroppel

In collaboration with the colleges of engineering at Oregon State and James Madison University in Virginia, occupational health and safety expert Anthony Veltri published “Making the business case for sustainable manufacturing in small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises: A systems decision making approach” in Journal of Cleaner Production.

This research provides manufacturers with an “integrated approach to transit from implementing reactive sustainability policies to developing systemic practices that will improve worker well-being, while achieving cleaner production at lower cost.”

“This study addressed, especially for small to mid-sized companies, the linkage between safety, health and environmental practices and economic performance,” Anthony says. “The realization of this relationship enables these firms to take on sustainability as a strategic initiative and implement sustainability practices that simultaneously protect workers and the environment.”