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When it comes to changing your metabolism, small choices mean big results

Understand your metabolism and learn how to modify it

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Cells burn more calories after just one bout of moderate aerobic exercise, OSU study finds

In a recent study testing the effects of exercise on overall metabolism, researchers at Oregon State University found that even a single session of moderate aerobic exercise makes a difference in the cells of otherwise sedentary people.

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Mitochondria study could help boost understanding of diabetes and aging

In a surprising study, Oregon State University researchers found that no matter how much stress they placed on mice from either a high-fat diet or strenuous exercise, the animals’ mitochondria were able to adapt and continue their normal processes. The findings could have major implications for the study of diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, […]

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Turn back your aging clock with high-intensity workouts

Matt recommends people incorporate some type of HIIT into their regular exercise routines. He says that some of the most positive responses researchers saw were in participants doing the HIIT rather than the moderate intensity workouts. It also helped non-exercise responders become exercise responders.