Nutrition Research

Diet and the microbiome

Through controlled studies with mice, scientists have learned that by manipulating the microbiome, we can induce weight loss, affect pain perception and decrease hormonal responses to stress, among other fascinating outcomes.


College re-connects with Home Economics roots

Nearly 80 graduates of the former College of Home Economics met in Portland on Sept. 29. Dean Tammy Bray led the group on a journey from the college’s early beginnings to accreditation and where the college is headed in the future.

Public Health

Video: This Time, This Place

This is the right place and the right time to be part of the future of public health – in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

News Nutrition Research

Excess omega-3 fatty acids could lead to negative health effects

A new review suggests that omega-3 fatty acids taken in excess could have unintended health consequences in certain situations, and that dietary standards based on the best available evidence need to be established.

Nutrition Public Health Research

Inside the mind of researcher Norm Hord

Nutrition and Public Health Associate Professor Norm Hord is studying the ability of plant foods called nitrates and nitrites to influence metabolism and signaling mechanisms related to cardiovascular function.