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Global health doctoral student helps smooth the way for those who follow

Divya Reddy makes a difference as part of the Botswana Global Health Initiative

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Study abroad during a global pandemic? It only seems impossible until you do it.

Global health grad students in the CPHHS participated in virtual study abroad experience due to the pandemic’s limitations on travel.

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Domestic violence in India linked with higher rates of women seeking permanent sterilization

Women in India who experience domestic violence are significantly more likely to seek permanent sterilization as a means of birth control than women who are not victims of abuse, a recent study by Oregon State University found. The probability of victims of domestic violence choosing sterilization — i.e. tubal ligation, or “tying the tubes” — […]

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Eyes wide open

“Students who experience the world through education abroad develop cultural sensitivity and humility, and are exposed to working across disciplines, cultures and national boundaries,” Sunil says. “The students saw that real world issues can rarely be seen as black and white. Instead, the issues are complicated, and the solutions are shares of gray. There are no simple issues or simple solutions.”

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Video: This Time, This Place

This is the right place and the right time to be part of the future of public health – in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

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New CPHHS Center for Global Health opens with inaugural symposium

The symposium, “New Global Health: Transforming the Horizon,” will bring together practitioners, researchers, educators and Oregon State’s partners from around the world who are engaged in finding equitable and sustainable health solutions to global health challenges.