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Ride-on car study tracks actual usage

The highly collaborative manuscript “Real world tracking of modified ride-on car usage of young children with disabilities” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Motor Learning and Development.

Two of the co-authors are high school seniors Joshua and Benjamin Phelps, who also volunteered in Sam Logan’s Social Mobility Lab. The two developed the technology installed in modified, ride-on cars that automatically tracks when and how often the cars were used by families within the home. They were both recently accepted to Brown University and will be attending in the fall.

Jenna Fitzgerald and Sarah Schaffer are undergraduate public health students who are also co-authors on the paper. They helped with a significant portion of the data collection and will graduate in June. Other co-authors include graduate kinesiology alumna Christina Hospodar and current kinesiology graduate student Michele Catena. The study also included an interdisciplinary research team from OSU’s School of Psychological Science (Kathleen Bogart) and the College of Engineering (Bill Smart). This study may inform future research studies and local chapters of the Go Baby Go community program