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More than 100 take and complete Be Orange Challenge

“Knowing that I was tracking and scoring my food intake and other activities helped me to be more mindful of my choices – eat a halo orange for a snack instead of chips and walk from the office instead of catching the shuttle,” says Julie Van Hoosen, an office specialist with the Oregon Natural Resource Education Program. “I had better and worse weeks, but keeping a record of habits in the same categories for six weeks will help me be mindful moving forward.”

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Dietary anti-cancer compound may work by influence on cellular genetics

They found that sulforaphane, a dietary compound from broccoli that’s known to help prevent prostate cancer, may work through its influence on long, non-coding RNAs. This is another step forward in a compelling new area of study on the underlying genetics of cancer development and progression.

Alumni Nutrition

Nutrition alumna awarded Red Plate award for contribution to the field

“Joyce often says she loves her job and it’s so true,” says Oregon Department of Education Assistant Superintendent Sarah Drinkwater. “Coming from her background as a dietitian, she brings medical, educational, and community partnership aspects as her foundation, and this is how she likes to conduct her work. She and her team partner with many entities, and she puts a great amount of time and effort into the development of each relationship.”


Good and Cheap

The key to becoming a cook, Leanne Brown says, isn’t about money or time, but rather developing skills and confidence.

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PacificSource, Moore Family Center Tailgate event to showcase nutritious eating during OSU’s home football game Nov. 21

When the Beavers take on the visiting Huskies at Reser Stadium this Saturday, the Moore Family Center and PacificSource Healthy Life will challenge fans to upgrade their football tailgate spread by incorporating more nutritious options into their menu at the third annual healthy tailgate event.

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Vegan expert, author teaches students to cook tasty vegan meals

At the Vegan Cooking Class hosted by the Moore Family Center, guest chef, author and culinary instructor Robin Asbell taught students how to supplement vegan ingredients into traditional recipes without compromising on taste.