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Finding a common language

Family Impact Seminars are one way the College of Public Health and Human Sciences (CPHHS) is living out Oregon State University’s land grant mission. “The seminars connect state policymakers with research experts to provide the best scientific evidence on topics of current interest,” says Rick Settersten, head of the CPHHS School of Social and Behavioral […]

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More than 100 take and complete Be Orange Challenge

“Knowing that I was tracking and scoring my food intake and other activities helped me to be more mindful of my choices – eat a halo orange for a snack instead of chips and walk from the office instead of catching the shuttle,” says Julie Van Hoosen, an office specialist with the Oregon Natural Resource Education Program. “I had better and worse weeks, but keeping a record of habits in the same categories for six weeks will help me be mindful moving forward.”

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Point. Click. Eat?

New research suggests that photographs of your food might help improve your health and also national nutrition policy.