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Research uncovers impact of leisure activities on mental health during pandemic

As people have turned to hobbies like reading and outdoor recreation to fill their days during the COVID-19 pandemic, recent research from Oregon State University found that engagement in leisure activities can help lower the risk of depression and improve mental well-being.

Features HDFS Students

HDFS student shares the importance of mental health and finding community

In discovering her major, human development and family sciences student Jeanette Chen discovered herself.

Features Public Health Students

Teaching public health policy in the military

Meet Tiara Walz, an active-duty major with the United States Army and a graduate student studying health policy in OSU’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

HDFS Health Tips

As students head back to the classroom, managing expectations and emotions are key

As students return to in-person learning, parents and educators face many unanswered questions. CPHHS researchers discussed the challenges students may face in a recent webcast.

Alumni Health Tips Public Health

Isolate the problem

CPHHS faculty, students and alumni addressed how COVID-19 has made isolation and health disparities even worse for Latinx communities

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New OSU program improves rural outreach to promote mental health and well-being

The new Coast to Forest program aims to improve mental health and address substance use in rural communities by building on existing local partnerships.